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From modest begininng way back in 1985, Founder Rajendrakumar S.Bhandari has starred Nakdoa Sound System to survive under the toughest circumstances. Learnt to deliver finest goods in a market.Aim to go beyond customer satisfaction to reach customer delight.

It is with the love, blessing and continuous demand of those very customers, and their need of superior quality products, that we have invested heavily in up-gardation with brand of bastone since 2010. We remain a constantly growing with large strength of engineers,technicians and skilled worker are involed in the manufacture of bastone products. Today, bastone makes widest range of Sound Boxes and flight Cases to meet every conceivable requirement.

In India, bastone prodcuts are sold through a network of over 500 retailers. bastone products are the preferred choice discerning users in all over country.

We believe that no matter how perfect a product is, there is always room for improvement. Thus the specifications of products are subjected to constanant changeWe have a product to suit ever requiement.We alsys welcome your views and suggestions of any kind.